Revalidation for trainees

Do I have to change my designated body after I am enrolled on to the PMST programme?

Yes you do. While you are enrolled on the PMST programme and hold a National Training Number (NTN) in pharmaceutical medicine, your designated body will be the Pharmaceutical Medicine Deanery and your responsible officer will be Professor Geeta Menon, the Postgraduate Dean of the Deanery.


How will I revalidate as a pharmaceutical medicine trainee?

You will revalidate through the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process. You must fully engage with the PMST programme, which includes:

  • using the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) trainee e-portfolio;
  • collecting evidence demonstrating achievement of the capabilities on practice (CiPs);
  • completing curriculum workplace-based assessments (WPBAs);
  • writing reflective practice commentaries; and
  • submitting an annual revalidation self-declaration.

Do I have to pay an additional fee to complete my revalidation?

No; however, you must keep your licence to practise and FPM membership up to date and pay your annual PMST fee on time.


I undertake a few days of clinical work in the NHS. Does this affect how I revalidate?

No, your training takes precedence, so your designated body will remain the Deanery and you will continue to revalidate through the ARCP process. However, you will need to declare your NHS post on your annual revalidation self-declaration form, the Form R Part B, as part of your wider scope of practise. Your NHS employer will have to complete the Wider Scope of Practise Form, which you must submit with your completed Form R and other ARCP documents.

Do I have to have professional insurance or indemnity cover even if I do not perform clinical work?

As a registered doctor with a licence to practise you must have adequate insurance or indemnity. We recommend you read the GMC’s guidance on insurance indemnity and medico-legal support.


How do I revalidate if I am out of programme/training?

You will still retain your connection to the Deanery as your designated body.

If you have paused your training (i.e. you are out of programme on a career break) and are still working, you must submit your annual self-declaration Form R Part B for your ARCP and provide evidence that you are keeping up to date in your scope of work.

What happens after I complete the PMST programme?

The postgraduate dean will normally submit a revalidation recommendation to the GMC after they receive confirmation from the ARCP panel that you were issued an ARCP outcome 6 and that there were no concerns about your fitness to practise. You will remain on the Deanery’s designated body list until the GMC has approved the postgraduate dean’s recommendation.

Once the GMC has approved the recommendation, your connection to the Deanery as your designated body will be removed and you will have to choose a new designated body if you want to retain your licence to practise. Please use the GMC’s online connection tool to find out who your new designated body ought to be.


Where can I find more information about revalidation for doctors in training?

Please visit the GMC’s revalidation webpage for more information about the revalidation process for doctors in training.