Managing the quality of PMST

We are responsible for managing the quality of the PMST programme and its delivery. Read our quality management process.

Supporting trainees in PMST

Read how we support trainees to progress through their training programme and have a fulfilling and productive learning experience.

Out of programme/training

The Pharmaceutical Medicine Deanery manages time out of programme for pharmaceutical medicine trainees in line with the Gold Guide. A trainee must write to the postgraduate dean for Pharmaceutical Medicine to request their support or approval to go out of programme – failure to do so could delay a trainee’s completion of the PMST programme or removal of their national training number (NTN).

Yes, you do. Please contact FPM’s Specialty Training Manager and give them your maternity leave start date and expected return date. Your training will be put on pause when you start your maternity leave and the Specialty Training Manager will schedule a new date for your ARCP (if necessary) when you return from leave and resume your training.

You are still required to pay FPM’s annual PMST fee before or during maternity leave. However, you may be invoiced a partial fee. When you return from maternity leave and resume training, you may also need to pay a remainder of the fee.

You must continue to pay your annual FPM membership subscription while you are on maternity leave. Failure to do so can lead to the deactivation of your FPM membership and removal of your national training number (NTN) in pharmaceutical medicine. You might be eligible to apply for FPM’s concessionary rate – please visit FPM’s membership fees and payments information for details.

Trainees must complete and return the OOPT request form if they want to count any continued training overseas towards their CCT.

Accelerated CCT date

A trainee can ask an ARCP panel to bring forward their CCT date if they have the support of both their educational supervisor and FPM's Director of Specialty Training. If a trainee would like to have their CCT date brought forward, they must read the JRCPTB's accelerated CCT guidance to specialist advisory committees and then complete and return the accelerated CCT request form to FPM's Specialty Training Manager.

Changing companies FAQs

You must:

  • have a named educational supervisor;
  • inform the Specialty Training Manager;
  • complete the continuation of training form and individualised PMST programme form with your educational supervisor; and
  • return your completed forms to the Specialty Training Manager.

You should return your completed forms to the Specialty Training Manager at least two months after starting work at your new company.