PMST fees effective 1 January 2021

Annual PMST fee: £1,165

Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) upfront fee: £845

FPM membership rates

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine

Approved courses for PMST

CCT fee

Fee information for new PMST trainees

New trainees must pay two fees after their application has been approved and they are enrolled on to the PMST programme:

1. FPM’s annual PMST fee

2. The JRCPTB’s upfront enrolment fee

Trainees are encouraged to pay their FPM fees online by using FPM’s online membership service.

The JRCPTB will contact new trainees and arrange for them to pay the upfront enrolment fee online. The JRCPTB will give the new trainee access to their e-portfolio only after the upfront fee has been paid.

Please note that FPM’s fees and the JRCPTB’s fee are two separate payments and cannot be combined into one payment.

Fee information for current PMST trainees

Trainees must pay their annual FPM membership subscriptions and annual PMST fees on time.

From 1 April 2020, trainees who are out of programme career break (OOPC) or on maternity leave must also pay the annual PMST fee.

However, a trainee might be entitled to a refund of a portion of their annual fee. Our refund policy is below.

It is the trainee’s responsibility to ensure that all fees are paid in full and on time. If a trainee has difficulty paying their fees, they must contact FPM’s Specialty Training Manager as soon as possible.

The postgraduate dean for the Pharmaceutical Medicine Deanery may withdraw a trainee’s NTN and remove them from the PMST programme if they fail to pay their fees.

If a trainee’s NTN is withdrawn and they want it reinstated, they must re-apply to enrol on to the PMST programme and pay any outstanding fees to FPM if required.

Refund policy

The annual PMST fee for 2021 covers the following items:

– administration (non-refundable)

– ARCP management

– programme management

FPM will refund a trainee the portion of the annual fee that covers ARCP management if the trainee withdraws from the PMST programme or goes on maternity leave before they have their ARCP; this will normally be 40% of the annual fee.

We will also refund a trainee the portion of the annual fee that covers programme management if they:

i) have completed all their modules but still need to pass the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine (DPM) examination

ii) withdraw from the PMST programme or

iii) go on maternity leave.

We will normally refund the trainee on a monthly pro rata basis.

For example, if a trainee pays her annual fee in April 2021 and goes on maternity leave in September 2021, we would refund her seven months of the programme management portion of the annual fee.

However, if a trainee only has the DPM examination to pass before they complete the PMST programme, then normally we will not include the programme management portion of the fee in their invoice.

Please note that it is mandatory for trainees who are in programme, out of programme training or out of programme career break (OOPC) to have an ARCP.