Note for trainees on the PMST curriculum 2021

Trainees on the PMST curriculum 2021 can attend any in-work and/or external courses to supplement the in-work evidence that they are collecting to complete the specialist and generic capabilities in practice (CiPs). Trainees cannot use courses on their own to complete CiPs.

Statement on the status of courses for the PMST 2010 curriculum

Trainees who are completing PMST by remaining on the PMST curriculum 2010 (amended 2014) during the transition period to the PMST curriculum 2021 may need to undertake external module courses as per their training plan/PDP.

This statement is to confirm that the external module courses previously approved for PMST will be recognised by FPM for the PMST curriculum 2010 (amended 2014) going forward and until further notice.

The concerned recognised courses and their providers are:

Advanced Clinical Pharmacology (CLP) – King’s College London

Clinical Development (CLD) – King’s College London

Drug Regulatory Affairs (RGN) – King’s College London

Drug Safety and Surveillance (DSS) – Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU)

Healthcare Marketplace (HMP) – King’s College London

Statistics and Data Management in Practice (SDM) – RK Statistics Ltd

If you require to undertake a course listed, please visit the course provider’s website for information on how to book your place.

Thank you.

Professor Peter Stonier FRCPE FRCP FFPM
Director of Specialty Training, FPM
February 2023