Completing training

Specialist registration

Trainees who are issued an ARCP outcome 6 (gained all required competencies) will be able to apply to the GMC for their CCT and entry on to the specialist register.

There are several tasks that need to be completed before a trainee can apply for their specialist registration in pharmaceutical medicine:

1. FPM will notify the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board’s (JRCPTB’s) specialist registration department that the trainee has completed PMST.

2. The trainee must add their signature to the ARCP outcome 6 form on their e-portfolio.

3. The trainee must create a folder in the personal library of their e-portfolio, label it “Completion” and upload the following documents to the folder:

  • a copy of their current CV
  • evidence of completion of the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine (DPM) examination
  • a completion date calculator, which can be downloaded from the JRCPTB’s ‘Completing training’ web page. Please disregard bullet points 2 and 3 in the JRCPTB’s list.

4. The JRCPTB’s specialist registration department will ask the Specialist Advisory Committee in Pharmaceutical Medicine to endorse its recommendation to the GMC that the trainee is eligible to apply for specialist registration.

5. The GMC should contact the trainee following receipt of the JRCPTB’s recommendation and invite them to apply for their specialist registration via their GMC Online account. Please visit the GMC’s CCT web page for guidance on how to apply to the GMC for specialist registration.

Applicants will be required to pay a specialist registration fee to the GMC.

Trainees must apply for their specialist registration within 12 months from their training completion date or otherwise they may have to submit a full CESR application to the GMC.


After a trainee is issued an ARCP outcome 6, Professor Geeta Menon, the postgraduate dean and responsible officer for the Pharmaceutical Medicine Deanery, will normally submit a revalidation recommendation to the GMC.

A trainee’s connection to the deanery as their designated body will be removed after the GMC has approved Professor Menon’s recommendation. The trainee will need to connect to a new designated body if they want to retain their licence to practise. Trainees should use the GMC’s connection tool to find out who their new designated body should be.

GMC has posted questions and answers about revalidating after completing training.