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Continuing Professional Development

CPD is a continuing learning process that helps physicians to keep up to date and develop new skills, enabling them to maintain and improve their professional practice to the highest possible standard. CPD should support changes in a physician's practice and career and should also help physicians to keep up to date when they are not practising. To assist Faculty members in the recording of their CPD, the Faculty encourages all its members to register for the PReP system.  Doctors who are revalidating with the Faculty will have access to both the revalidation and CPD (supporting evidence) aspects of PReP.  Doctors who are not revalidating with the Faculty will only have access to the CPD (supporting evidence) aspect of PReP.  For access to PReP please email

Please note that is possible to print out a Certificate of CPD directly from the e-system covering a period of time which you can pre-define. You do not therefore need to submit a paper Annual Return Form to the Faculty every January to obtain a certificate.  

 Weblink to PReP (new CPD system).

 Weblink to old CPD System

IMPORTANT NOTE: The on-line CPD system has been replaced by PReP (see above link).  Please do not enter any new information into the old CPD system. 

Please contact to access the new CPD system. 

Faculty CPD guidance and 'Framework for CPD for Pharmaceutical Medicine'

The Faculty's CPD guidance provides pharmaceutical physicians who are either engaged in the revalidation process or who simply wish to keep up to date in their practice, with:

  1. Useful information about how to identify and record CPD activities. 
  2. Information on how non-revalidating pharmaceutical physicians can register to use PReP.
  3. A 'Framework for CPD for Pharmaceutical Medicine'.
  4. Information for event organisers who wish to apply to the Faculty for CPD credits.

Useful information

For information on standards and criteria for CPD activities please follow this link to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges website to access the document 'Standards and Criteria for CPD Activities: A Framework for Accreditation - January 2012'.

The GMC recently issued a very helpful document: Continuing Professional Development: guidance for all doctors

If you have a CPD enquiry please email or ring 020 3696 9033.