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Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice & GPMP Support Network

Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice Support Network

About the Network

The Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice Support Network has been established to provide guidance and direction to pharmaceutical physicians who face ethical or medical dilemmas in their practice.

The network will run in conjunction with the Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice guidance document launched in 2014 - see below for more information (download), which will be used as the global touchstone for best practice. Responses will be given that are in line with the FPM’s charitable objectives i.e. promote the science of pharmaceutical medicine and to develop and maintain competence, ethical integrity and high professional standards in the practice of pharmaceutical medicine.

The network is free to use and is available to all members of the Faculty and all registered doctors involved in the practice of pharmaceutical medicine, anywhere in the World. A panel of experienced FPM Fellows have volunteered to give guidance to all those who need it, whether they are a seasoned professional or a trainee. Guidance will be given anonymously, generally in writing.

Enquiries must only be submitted where the primary reason is the health benefit to patients, healthy volunteers and/or the general public. Enquiries with financial or reputational motives, or related to personal career advancement, will not be accepted (see scope below).

Scope of the Network

What will be considered by the network:

  • Enquiries directly related to the interpretation & adoption of the standards set out in GPMP
  • Questions of research practice and ethics
  • Interpretation and implementation of global regulations, ethics and culture

What will not be considered by the network:

  • Enquiries directly related to the promotion of medicines
  • Detailed scientific advice on design of trials or interpretation of trial data/information
  • Careers advice
  • Employment advice
  • Legal advice

Enquiries related to the topics outside the scope of the network can still be made to the relevant staff member here or to

How can I make an enquiry?

If you would like to submit an enquiry to the network then please follow the steps below:

  1. Read the information on this page and the acceptable use policy – download here (you will need to declare that you have read the acceptable use policy when making your enquiry)
  2. Complete the enquiry form, which you can download here
  3. Email the form to (enquiries can only be received via this email address and not be taken over the phone. Please also use this email for technical and practical support in submitting your enquiry)
  4. Your email will be acknowledged and you will be given a reference number and an expected response time
  5. A FPM staff member or a member of the network may email or telephone you to clarify information
  6. Your response will be emailed to you. The network will provide support and guidance on potential courses of action from a range of sources, rather than a single view.
  7. You will be sent a feedback form (The GPMP Support network is currently being run as a pilot, so we would greatly value feedback in improving the efficiency and usefulness of the network, so please take a few moments to give us your thoughts)


  • If the FPM becomes aware of a fitness to practice issue then it is obliged to inform the relevant authorities.
  • The FPM reserves the right to terminate or suspend the network at any time. However, every effort will be made to process existing enquiries.
  • The FPM takes no responsibility for the guidance given.
  • Users of the network are expected to abide by the acceptable use policy and may be barred from using the network if they do not.


Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice







The Faculty is the standard setting body for pharmaceutical medicine and the Board is mindful of the need to provide clear guidance for doctors revalidating and the expected standard of practice in pharmaceutical medicine. GPMP should be supportive of the day to day activities of pharmaceutical physicians. Also it is essential that GPMP does not lead to confusion regarding the role of the Faculty as a standard setting body and the regulatory role of the GMC. For those who are not revalidating and who may work outside of the United Kingdom, we still want the document to be relevant to their needs. We want the code to underpin the professionalism and the value that pharmaceutical physicians bring to their organisation and the patient. We want doctors and the related professions, employers of pharmaceutical physicians and patients to better understand what they may expect from pharmaceutical physicians.

Download the document here.

Printed copies of Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice are available on request from the Faculty office. Please email


Background and History of Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice

The Faculty Board of Trustees decided that Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice (2008) should be updated and revised in line with the latest GMC's Good Medical Practice (2013). The Board also decided that this work should incorporate the Guiding Principles for Pharmaceutical Physicians (2010) to ensure that the new document includes a strong ethical dimension.

Download the terms of reference for the Code of Practice in Pharmaceutical Medicine (working title).

You can see a timeline for the development of GPMP here.

Download the Press Release for the launch of GPMP here.

The public consultation on the draft document 'Code of Good Medical Practice in Pharmaceutical Medicine' ran from Sept - Oct 2014. The draft document is available for reference here.