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Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice & GPMP Support Network


Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice

Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice provides all doctors practising pharmaceutical medicine around the world with specific guidance and direction on expected standards, conduct and behaviour.

FPM advocates that the principles outlined in this document are appropriate for all those involved in the practice of pharmaceutical medicine anywhere in the world.

Download the document here.

Printed copies of Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice are available on request from the Faculty office. Please email


Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice Support Network

The Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice Support Network has been established to provide guidance and direction to pharmaceutical physicians who face ethical or medical dilemmas in their practice.

The network will run in conjunction with the Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice guidance document, which will be used as the global touchstone for best practice. Responses will be given that are in line with the FPM’s charitable objectives i.e. promote the science of pharmaceutical medicine and to develop and maintain competence, ethical integrity and high professional standards in the practice of pharmaceutical medicine.

The network is free to use and is available to all members of the Faculty and all registered doctors involved in the practice of pharmaceutical medicine, anywhere in the World. A panel of experienced FPM Fellows have volunteered to give guidance to all those who need it, whether they are a seasoned professional or a trainee. Guidance will be given anonymously, generally in writing.

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