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UK & International Health Policy and Drug Safety

Chair: Prof Penny Ward

The ‘UK & International Health Policy and Drug Safety’ group considers government and regulatory consultations, legislation, bills and white papers etc. related to all aspects of healthcare where pharmaceutical R&D, regulatory affairs and medical affairs are impacted. The group’s remit covers all aspects of pharmaceutical medicine – from clinical pharmacology, through phase 1-4 clinical trials, regulatory interactions, to post-licensing monitoring, and drug safety and pharmacovigilance.

The group may also comment on developments in closely related fields, such as the prescribing of medicines, pharmacy, and education and training on the development and use of medicines for all healthcare professionals. The primary focus of the group is on UK legislation, but it also considers global developments and important legislation from key markets around the world.

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House of Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry into delivering a UK science and technology strategy – Call for Evidence

Date: Submitted March 2022

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee is conducting an inquiry into the Government’s plans to deliver a UK science and technology strategy. The inquiry will consider what such a strategy should look like and how the UK’s research and innovation system can deliver it. The Health Policy expert group spearheaded FPM’s response to this Call for Evidence which also included input from across FPM’s other expert groups. The Committee has now stopped accepting evidence and has published its report ‘”Science and technology superpower”: more than a slogan?’.

Read the report.

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