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Equality, diversity and inclusion at FPM

By Bu Siakpere with input from members of the FPM EDI Forum.

Introduction to equality, diversity and inclusion at FPM and why it is important

Our vision is to ensure that FPM is diverse and inclusive at every level of the organisation. We have a significant opportunity to partner across our membership to create an inclusive environment that enables everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, race, ability status, age, politics, sexual orientation, gender or religion to reach their full potential. We want to enable all people to contribute as effectively as possible in the delivery of pharmaceutical medicine to the greater benefit of society. We wish to establish a culture of change and an environment that is respectful, welcomes open debate, learning and a genuine acceptance of people as their authentic selves. We will welcome feedback from members of FPM, and will continue to enhance this narrative as we move forwards together.

Origin and current status of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Forum at FPM

The EDI Forum was formed in April 2021 and its members are now working to identify priority work streams and the ways in which we can make a real difference for FPM’s membership.

Multiple reports and surveys have identified society-wide lack of equality, inclusion and diversity particularly in leadership roles. Reasons for this are complex and entrenched, but not insurmountable. Maintaining the status quo is not an option. FPM recognises it has opportunities to harness the talent and passion of our members to make FPM more relevant to members and the wider society which we serve.

Several working groups have been established already: Women in Pharmaceutical Medicine (WIP), a collaboration with the Medical Womens’ Federation (MWF), membership of the EDI stream of Memcom and the CEO Forum of the AoMRC. We wish to ensure an over-arching common goal and shared objectives whilst focussing on specific areas with the expertise of contributing members to each working group.

How can FPM’s EDI Forum help you and vice versa?

Given the challenges faced by society and the COVID pandemic which has highlighted multiple societal inequalities, we have seen how we can effectively unite across society, public services, industry and academia and achieve positive results when a shared goal is identified.

Our main areas of focus are: driving change with inclusiveness (bringing together a diverse group of members across all levels of the organisation), finding ways to support all members to contribute fully (but particularly those who have previously been under-represented at FPM) and maximise the satisfaction they gain from being FPM members. We also want to encourage and promote EDI within the industry and to share learnings across Pharma.

What does the EDI Forum hope to achieve and what are the benefits?

We want to ensure that all FPM members are treated fairly, irrespective of their colour, race, ethnicity, cultural background, age, gender, sexuality, internal or external diversity. We wish to help create a faculty where all members have a sense of belonging. We want everyone to feel respected, valued, and safe to be their authentic self. In turn, we want to support our members to do their best for patients, consumers and the practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine. The EDI Forum aims to provide a safe space to have conversations about EDI, and to encourage others not to shy away from engaging with difficult topics in order to reach a positive outcome.

The benefits to FPM and members should be significant; creating a diverse, engaged membership and leadership reflecting the array of businesses, academic institutions and communities that we serve, tangible increases in motivation, creativity and performance. This will add value, not only to FPM, but also provide individuals and their organisations with some of the tools needed to embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity.

Ways you can get involved and support the EDI Forum

We need your support at events and your help spreading the word about the work the FPM EDI Forum does, and the value all members can bring.

If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved, please let us know at ideas@fpm.org.uk