Listening to our members

Posted on: Wednesday 13 April 2022
Author: FPM

At the beginning of April, we conducted a survey exploring members’ views on the value of their membership and seeking ideas for future improvement. The wise membership organisation should always be thinking about the relevance of its value offering to members, and FPM is no exception. Rationally, the process should always start with a listening exercise.

The participants were randomly selected from the membership database to build a stratified sample that is representative of the FPM community. The questions assessed members’ perceptions of the benefits of FPM, the strength of their relationship with their faculty and its leadership, and overall levels of satisfaction with our current membership offer.

It’s heartening to report that over 200 members took the time to complete the ten-minute questionnaire, providing us with a wealth of data and free text answers describing attitudes towards all aspects of FPM and its membership offer. This is the first stage in a programme of engagement with members, lapsed members and non-members. The findings will shape FPM’s direction of travel.

FPM pledged to donate £5 to the Disasters Emergency Committee for every completed questionnaire. This means we’ll be handing over more than £1,000 to support medical and humanitarian aid in conflict zones worldwide, including Ukraine. Thanks go to everyone who participated.

We’ll be crunching the numbers ahead of a presentation of the findings to the FPM Membership and Executive Committees in late April. Early analysis tells a positive story with a strong majority of survey participants reporting that they are highly likely to renew their membership in 2023. This suggests that we are getting something right, but with members’ help, we aim to get better still.

Look out for a detailed analysis of the findings in next month’s bulletin.

Sarah Davis

Head of Membership



Sarah Davis