FPM launches “FPM Deep Dives”

Posted on: Thursday 1 July 2021
Author: FPM

The roll-out of FPM’s current website in March 2020 changed the way in which we interact with members, stakeholders and the wider public. This new shop window has expanded our digital capabilities with blogs and a fuller integration of web, email and social media.

A recent internal review conducted via the Policy and Communications Group identified an opportunity to develop our digital offering to maximise the potential of the new site, and FPM management has approved the launch of a new publication – FPM Deep Dives.

FPM Deep Dives will sit alongside our news and blog outputs and be a channel for our most academically-oriented pieces, with reviews and extended thought pieces from across all of pharmaceutical medicine.

As part of this launch we are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Marianna Lalla as inaugural Editor-in-Chief of FPM Deep Dives. Dr Lalla will work with the PCG and FPM staff to commission articles and bring them to publication.

As part of this launch, FPM is retiring its biannual Journal of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (JFPM).

Marianna Lalla
Dr Marianna Lalla, Editor-in-Chief of FPM Deep Dives

What's a Blog and what's an FPM Deep Dive?

BlogFPM Deep Dive
SCHEDULE • 2+ monthly • Six annually (though capacity to manage ad hoc additions)
CONTENT • Videos • Event ‘Meet the speakers’ • World day activities • ‘Hot topics’/In-depth reactive news commentary • Book reviews • Career in focus • Affinity group outputs • Project outputs • In depth analysis of a topic pertinent to the specialty of pharmaceutical medicine • Academic in style • Internally reviewed • Referenced
SCOPE • Brand-building • Demonstration of FPM delivering on its mission and purpose • Informal in tone • Peer-to-peer • Expert group • Fostering collegiate spirit • Engaging external stakeholders • Revalidation insights • Reviews and extended thought pieces from across all of pharm med (including code/regs/marketing) • At least two articles out of the six to have an international perspective
AUDIENCE • Mixture (depends on post type) • FPM members • Educated lay audience • Comms professionals • Membership body professionals • FPM members • Professionals in pharm med • People with an advanced understanding of the specialty
EXPECTED LONGEVITY • 1-2 weeks of high activity • Minimal tail of readership • High activity on publication • Long-tail of readership
AUTHORS • Typically a single named author (FPM member, FPM staff member, External contributor) or ‘FPM’ • External submissions welcomed • Typically multiple authors • Preference for lead author to be FPM member
COPYRIGHT • FPM • Author/s to grant exclusive license to FPM for one to six months (depending on content), then non-exclusive thereafter. • Author/s to grant FPM exclusive 12-month license to the article copy, then non-exclusive thereafter.

Want to get involved?

If you want to submit an idea for an FPM Deep Dive or blog article you can contact Ben Cottam (b.cottam@fpm.org.uk) and Will Strange (w.strange@fpm.org.uk) with an abstract or summary. We welcome submissions from individuals or groups, and FPM members and non-members.

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