FPM launches clinical trials survey

Posted on: Thursday 22 October 2020
Author: FPM


FPM Vice President Flic Gabbay

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the world of pharmaceutical medicine. A colossal effort has been made to develop effective treatments and vaccines, and the fruits of this labour are already starting to be seen. The pandemic, however, has brought about numerous logistical challenges, and the focus on treatments for COVID-19 have meant considerable disruption to the running of other clinical trials and programmes.

As lockdowns continue all over the world, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and regulators have been taking stock. Whilst continuing their COVID-19 related activities, they are implementing resilience measures and ‘pandemic-proofing’ to ensure that future programmes and operational systems can be maintained in spite of unforeseen external forces and events.

FPM is working with MHRA, ABPI and other organisations to evaluate in detail the changes that have occurred, the impact on innovation, not just for COVID-19 but also other medicines and devices currently entering or in development.

We are addressing FPM members to understand the challenges you and your organisations have faced, and how you have risen to those challenges. Fundamentally, we want to know whether the pandemic has brought about changes to pharmaceutical medicine that could or should now become integrated into ‘normal’ practice. The outputs from the survey may be relevant to maintaining effective systems during further COVID-19 waves, but also to future, as yet unknown, pandemics and global health challenges.

We would very much appreciate your responses and feedback to this survey. Please complete the survey by Tuesday 3 November 2020. We would like to focus on best practice examples and case studies, so if you would be willing to expand on your answers and support this output, please indicate this at the end of the survey and provide your contact details.

The survey takes 10 – 20 minutes to complete.