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Content block examples


Each content block contains one or two columns. Background colours can be set for  for content blocks as well as individual columns.

Text colours automatically change based on background colours.

This is a content block with a white background.

Example content block

Sample text.

Breakout module

Content width is set to 100%, this is not best practice in a ‘breakout module’ as it exceeds recommend width of 80 characters.

50/50 split, no breakout

This isn’t a good use of content modules. Best to convert to a breakout module or use a grid module which will give three columns of content.


50/50 with breakout

Sample text

Sample text

70/30 split with breakout


Lead paragraph

Body text

More body text below horizontal line

This column has same background colour as content block background.

Did you know?

30% column width.

This will appear below the left column on mobile devices.