Meet our new Head of Education, Sam Baglioni

Posted on: Wednesday 21 April 2021
Author: FPM

We recently welcomed Sam Baglioni to the FPM team in the new role of Head of Education.

I am delighted to have joined FPM as Head of Education. I am a few weeks into my role now and have been spending that time getting to know my new colleagues, learning about the work of FPM and meeting with some of FPM’s committee chairs and members, board members and programme directors who contribute so much of their time and energy to the work that we do. Everyone has been so welcoming.

My experience is in learning, gained through a variety of roles in membership organisations. I have particularly focused on working with subject matter experts to develop programmes offered as public courses, as well as tailored and bespoke educational products to specific audiences.

It is an exciting time to join – I cannot remember the public ever being so interested and invested in the development of new medicines, or when government, academia and industry have worked so effectively together to make that happen.

I feel fortunate at the prospect of working with colleagues and experts within the membership to develop and implement education, training and assessment programmes for FPM that will uphold and strengthen standards in pharmaceutical medicine.

Sam Baglioni
Sam Baglioni

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