Grand Challenges in Pharmaceutical Medicine | Frontiers in Pharmacology Research Topic e-book

Posted on: Friday 6 August 2021
Author: Peter Stonier

Grand Challenges in Pharmaceutical Medicine

competencies and ethics in medicines development

Professor Peter Stonier introduces this Frontiers in Pharmacology Research Topic e-book

“Our workforce is our greatest asset” is a corporate tribute which speaks as much for the global enterprise of medicines development as it does for the crew of an ocean-going liner or the team that mounts a grand opera production.

The advances in the biomedical sciences have extended medical products from chemical to biological medicines, gene and cell therapies to offer new hope to patients the world over. The workforce needed to direct, manage and sustain this high-risk high-investment effort, however, faces challenges  to its own advancement; inequalities in product prioritisation between developed and emerging nations; a clinical trials model yearning for re-design to meet the needs of patients in the real world willing to engage in development of their medicines; enhancing the trust and collaboration between regulators and the regulated;  harnessing the powers of digital technologies to reduce the time and cost for patients’ access to new medicines.

This Frontiers in Pharmacology research topic targets those parts of a solution to these challenges which embrace the common competencies and ethical good practices needed by a multi-disciplined workforce to deliver its goods. Never higher has been the need to foster education and training continuing at all levels and required of all professionals to sustain and grow medicines development. The aim is for this industry and global enterprise to have an asset in its workforce of capable professionals able to bring better and valued medicines to its patients whilst contributing to an improving and sustainable community health.

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