FPM Awards 2020: congratulations to all new Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialist Register entrants

Posted on: Thursday 14 January 2021
Author: FPM

FPM are celebrating our new members and new CCT and CESR holders this week, as part of our Annual Awards Ceremony 2020.

Here, we congratulate all new CCT and CESR holders and their entry onto the Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialist Register.

FPM Annual Awards 2020

New Entrants to the Specialist Register

Completing PMST and gaining a CCT or CESR (through the combined programme) marks a fantastic achievement. CCT and CESR holders are equipped with the specialist knowledge and capabilities that are needed to practise to the highest ethical and professional standards.

This year, many new CCT and CESR holders also managed to achieve their success during a global pandemic. A very big congratulations to you all.

Not all new CCT and CESR holders wish to be spotlighted, however we are very pleased to announce the following:

A message of congratulations

Jim Bush, Daniel O’Connor and David Montgomery congratulate those who have gained entry onto the GMC Specialist Register.

Dr Tope Adeloye

Tope is a Senior Research Physician, Principal Investigator and Head of Pharmacovigilance at Hammersmith Medicines Research (HMR). She recently completed her specialty training in Pharmaceutical Medicine and has particular interests in clinical pharmacology and drug safety.

Dr Tope Adeloye

Pundalik Nayak

Pundalik qualified at Guy’s, King’s and St. Thomas’ medical school and went on to train in Urology under a pilot modernising medical careers training programme. He joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2011 and currently works as in independent pharmaceutical physician in medical affairs.

Dr Pundalik Nayak

Dr Maciej Zatonski

Dr Zatonski is a Global Medical Director at GSK. As a leader in medical affairs, he shares a passion for vaccines, public health, digital health and people development. He holds a PhD in Head and Neck Oncology and previously completed speciality training as an ENT Surgeon. Apart from being a proud father of three children, he is also an author, a science educator, and a volunteer. His personal and professional motto: ‘Simplify, Automate and Enable’.


Dr Maciej Zatonski