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Specialist Registration

There are three routes that a pharmaceutical physician can take to gain entry onto the General Medical Council's (GMC) Specialist Register for Pharmaceutical Medicine:

Route 1 - Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training (PMST) The GMC will award a pharmaceutical physician a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) and entry on to the Specialist Register for Pharmaceutical Medicine on satisfactory completion of the PMST programme and a recommendation from the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) that the pharmaceutical physician is awarded a CCT. Please go here for information about enrolling on to the PMST programme.
Route 2 - Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (Combined Programme) [CESR-CP] If a pharmaceutical physician is interested in undertaking PMST, but completed their clinical training outside the UK or completed clinical training in the UK that was not approved by the GMC. they may still be eligible to enrol on to the PMST programme, but they would follow the CESR-CP route.

The CESR-CP trainee would follow the same programme of training as a CCT-trainee and gain entry on to the Specialist Register on satisfactory completion of the PMST programme and be awarded a CESR. The FPM and JRCPTB will determine on receipt of the pharmaceutical physician's application whether s/he should follow the CESR-CP route.

Please go here for information about enrolling on to the PMST programme.
Route 3 - 'Full' CESR For pharmaceutical physicians who have not followed a UK specialist training programme that leads to a CCT, but who may have gained the same level of skills and knowledge as a CCT holder, could consider following the 'equivalence route' and apply to the GMC for a 'full' CESR.

Applicants must demonstrae, through validated evidence, that the totality of their specialty training and/or specialist qualifications along with any other specialist medical experience or knowledge is equivalent in depth and breadth to that covered in the PMST curriculum. As stated in the Specialty Specific Guidance (SSG) for Pharmaceutical Medicine, applicants need to demonstrate that they have achieved two years (24 months) clinical experience and the competencies of the PMST curriculum.

The SSG sets out guidance on the criteria, standards and suggested examples of possible evidence to support a CESR application.

Please note that completed CESR applications must be submitted to the GMC and not to the FPM. For general enquiries about the CESR route or the application process, please contact the GMC.

The FPM, through the JRCPTB, has a role in the evaluation of and subsequent recommenation on applications to the GMC. The FPM is therefore unable to offer specific advice to potential applicants on detailed content of individual applications. General specialty-specific advice may be sought from the FPM in writing or email.

In providing you with general specialty-specific advice and guidance in the preparation of your CESR application, the FPM is not responsible for giving guarantees or opinions as to the likelihood of your application being successful.

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