Before you enrol

You should consider the following questions:

  1. Do you know why you want to enrol on to the Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty (PMST) programme?
  2. Do you have the time to commit to undertake the 4-year specialty training programme?
  3. Do you work in the UK for a pharmaceutical organisation that is a GMC-approved training location?
  4. Will your employer support your training, give you the time to attend courses and sit the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine examination, and offer you the opportunities to complete at least three modules in the workplace including the Interpersonal, Management and Leadership Skills (IML) module?

Eligibility criteria

You must:

  • be GMC registered with a licence to practise
  • be working in pharmaceutical medicine in the UK with a UK-based pharmaceutical organisation that is a GMC-approved training location
  • have completed at least four years of  clinical training and/or experience
  • have met other criteria for pharmaceutical medicine
  • have a GMC-approved Educational Supervisor (ES) in pharmaceutical medicine

You can find out whether you might be eligible for PMST before you decide to enrol by completing our CV template and returning it to FPM’s Specialty Training Manager.

Our Director of Specialty Training will review your CV and give a preliminary view on your eligibility for PMST. The Director’s preliminary view is not a guarantee that your application to enrol on to the PMST programme will be approved. A formal decision will be made based on your completed application forms and supporting documentary evidence.

Make your application

Complete the application forms listed below:

  • ‘Associate (Trainee) Membership and PMST Application Form’
  • ‘Certificate of Professional and Clinical Competencies for Pharmaceutical Medicine’
  • Individualised PMST programme form

The forms are available on our resources page.

We recommend you read our guidance for PMST applicants before you complete your application.

Please return your completed application forms along with copies of your supporting documentary evidence to FPM’s Specialty Training Manager.

PMST enrolment FAQs

You must have achieved clinical and professional competencies in managing patients, which may include clinical trial participants, over a period of four years.

You must be able to provide evidence of having managed patients in a range of acute and long-term illnesses; of close involvement on a regular basis with the management of such patients through multi-disciplinary team meetings; of managing clinical research study participants; of prescribing, administering and monitoring the effects of medicines.

We recommend you achieve your clinical competencies before you enter pharmaceutical medicine.

"PMST provided a framework for me to understand the whole of the industry, beyond my own area of medical affairs. I am now able to participate more actively and knowledgeably in meetings and projects with colleagues from all over pharmaceutical medicine, from clinical development to regulatory. This incredible experience i why as a medical director I now support and encourage all of my team to participate in PMST."

Dr David Montgomery FFPM