Participates in data generation, analysis and communication


  • Generates information and conducts data analysis.
  • Undertakes scientific and medical writing and review.
  • Prepares reviews/reports; presentations/publications.
  • Identifies relevant data sources.
  • Reviews the medical and scientific literature.
  • Reviews critically scientific and medical research publications.
  • Discusses and interprets statistical principles and applications in the development of medicines.
  • Contributes to the analysis and review of regulatory documents.
  • Contributes to the creation and review of strategic and policy documents.
  • Utilises systems to maintain data quality, integrity and confidentiality.

Evidence to inform decision

  • Publications/reports/product information
  • Symposia//workshops/meetings
  • Regulatory submissions/HTA submissions/product labelling
  • Promotional material/corporate communication
  • WPBAs
  • Core competencies
  • ES report
  • Course assessment
  • DPM

Mapping to GPCs

Domain 1 – Professional values and behaviours

Domain 2 – Professional skills:

  • Practical skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills

Domain 3 – Professional knowledge:

  • Professional requirements

Domain 9 – Capabilities in research and scholarship