Applies the principles and practices of leadership and multi-disciplinary teamworking, teaching and developing others


  • Demonstrates applied knowledge and competence in leadership, teaching and mentoring relevant to the practice of pharmaceutical medicine.
  • Ensures that the knowledge, skills, and behaviours associated with the competent practice of pharmaceutical medicine are communicated effectively and acquires the best techniques and practices to achieve this.
  • Demonstrates leadership in applying knowledge to decision-making in teams.
  • Demonstrates leadership in applying knowledge to educate and develop the capabilities of others.
  • Contributes to teaching and training colleagues, including other healthcare professionals and other professionals e.g. scientists.
  • Takes on a mentoring role for doctors in training and other colleagues.
  • Where possible, supports colleagues who have problems with their performance or health and take appropriate action, including action plan development.
  • Appraises and assesses learning outcomes honestly and objectively.
  • Supports, mentors and/or supervises colleagues, trainees and/or direct reports appropriately, including using relevant feedback tools, so that they can learn in a risk-managed environment.

Evidence to inform decision

  • Project management/team leadership/multi-disciplinary team participation
  • Delivery of teaching/training to in-house staff
  • Reviewing a business case
  • Drafting departmental objectives
  • Appraisal output from local line management
  • Assessing others
  • Leadership/managerial skills training
  • Providing guidance on Personal/Professional Development Plans
  • External stakeholder interactions
  • Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)
  • WPBAs
  • Core competencies
  • ES report
  • Course assessment

Mapping to GPCs

Domain 1 – Professional values and behaviour

Domain 5 – Capabilities in leadership and team working

Domain 8 – Capabilities in education and training