Remains up to date with research and best practices in pharmaceutical medicine, employs reflective practice and undertakes continuing professional development


  • Adapts to the dynamic environment of pharmaceutical medicine and the need to anticipate changes and remain up to date.
  • Critically appraises emerging trends and technologies in pharmaceutical medicine.
  • Demonstrates an aptitude for life-long learning, taking ownership of their personal development plan, identifying gaps, and seeking continuing professional development activities to address these.
  • Able to receive and respond to constructive feedback.
  • Reflects on and learns from their professional practice and that of others.

Evidence to inform decision

  • Annual appraisals
  • Notes and reflection from courses attended
  • Presentations at congresses/conferences
  • Personal/Professional Development Plan
  • WPBAs
  • Core competencies
  • ES report
  • Course assessment

Mapping to GPCs

Domain 1 – Professional values and behaviours

Domain 2 – Professional skills:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Dealing with complexity and uncertainty

Domain 3 – Professional knowledge:

  • Professional requirements

Domain 5 – Capabilities in leadership and team working

Domain 8 – Capabilities in education and training

Domain 9 – Capabilities in research and scholarship