2020 curriculum consultation

What was the purpose of the consultation?

We wanted final comments on:

  • the updated proposed capabilities in practice (CiPs) and their descriptors for the new PMST curriculum
  • the suggested list of evidence for each of the CiPs
  • our mapping of the CiPs to the GMC’s ‘Generic professional capabilities framework’
  • our proposed scope of practice description for the curriculum purpose statement.

The consultation opened on Wednesday 19 August 2020 and closed on Wednesday 16 September 2020.


All UK medical royal colleges and faculties are in the process of either writing new or updating current curricula to: 1) include specialty capabilities in practice and 2) incorporate the GMC’s ‘Generic professional capabilities framework’.

The expectation is that all new or updated curricula will be implemented by 2021.

This work follows an independent review called the Shape of Training Review that was led by Professor David Greenaway.

Professor Greenaway’s report, ‘Securing the future of excellent patient care‘, made several recommendations to change postgraduate medical education and training in the UK to make training programmes more flexible for doctors in training and to ensure that doctors have the required skills and capabilities to meet patient and health service needs. The UK Shape of Training Steering Group published advice on how royal colleges and faculties can implement the recommendations in Professor Greenaway’s report.

In September 2018, FPM reconvened its Curriculum and Assessment Working Group to write a new curriculum for the Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training (PMST) programme. The working group was divided into four subgroups, each responsible for completing elements of the new curriculum.