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Registering with the Faculty for Revalidation


All doctors with a licence to practise must connect to one designated body and have one Responsible Officer. To determine your designated body the GMC has created an online tool which can be accessed here.

Once you have confirmed that the Faculty is your designated body you should then make your connection through your GMC Online account and begin the revalidation registration process. The Faculty will contact you with further instructions once you have made your connection and you will find the registration forms below.


Please note that the information below is only applicable to those Faculty members who have a prescribed connection with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine as their designated body for revalidation.



Electronic versions of your Registration forms 


FAQ document to assist with the Registration process - Click here (PDF). Updated 8/3/13 


Annual charge to participate in the Faculty Revalidation Programme

There will be an additional annual charge for Faculty members who have a prescribed connection with the Faculty as their designated body for revalidation. This charge will be in addition to the Faculty's annual membership subscription and the GMC registration and licence fee. Please note that your legal connection to the Faculty as a designated body may pre-date the date upon which your initial enrolment into the programme is confirmed and that the annual charge must cover the full period of your legal connection to the designated body.

Appraisal Year ending 31/03/2020 = £1110

Requests for payment for the next revalidation year will be sent to doctors in mid to late February and must be paid before 1st April in order to maintain your participation in the programme.

Please note that the Faculty is not registered for VAT.

The Faculty revalidation programme includes the annual appraisal, year-round access to an electronic-portfolio incorporating CPD recording, and also provides the link to the Faculty's Responsible Officer.

Pharmaceutical physicians will also need to participate in an independently provided colleague feedback process once during each revalidation cycle. An additional charge, currently £75 plus VAT, paid directly by the member to the provider of this system will also be required but this will not be an annual charge. For doctors who require patient feedback as well there is a combined charge of £149 plus VAT, again paid directly to the provider. The Faculty will provide contact details for the provider once your enrolment in the revalidation programme has been completed and these can also be found in the Help Menu within the PReP e-system.

Updated 31/05/2018