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An important aspect of the Faculty's work is concerned with developing policy and effective communications and advocacy on all topics affecting our membership. 

Journal of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine - The Faculty produces a biannual 'mini-journal', which contain a variety of articles, usually around a particular theme; covering basic science, ethics, regulatory changes, careers information and personal stories, as well as updates on Faculty news and events.

E-bulletins - Monthly news and events updates.

Consultations - The Faculty responds to a number of consultations throughout the year, principally from the UK Government and Department of Health, NICE, the GMC and UK and EU medicines regulatory bodies.

Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice - This document provides all doctors practising pharmaceutical medicine around the world with specific guidance and direction on expected standards, conduct and behaviour.

External publications - the Faculty regularly contributes to external publications relating to general medicine, pharmaceutical medicine, industry or regulatory developments or careers guidance.

In My Country - The International Committee of the Faculty has prepared a document entitled "In My Country" which outlines some important information on the current status of our speciality in all the countries represented by our membership.