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FPM Education Day 2018

The fifth FPM Education Day will be held on Tuesday 12 June 2018 at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), King's Cross, London. 

We have exhibitor and support opportunities available for this event. Download PDF for full details.

FPM Education Day 2018

Applying ethical values and good practice in pharmaceutical medicine


Date: 12th June 2018
Venue: NCVO, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL



09:00 – 09:45 Breakfast briefing on the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine exam and the trainee e-portfolio
An informal session for delegates who are planning to sit the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine exam, and for delegates who want to know how to use the trainee e-portfolio. Dr James Relf (Year 4 trainee who passed the exam in 2017) and Dr Juliet Roberts (Chairperson of the FPM Board of Examiners) will guide delegates on how best to prepare for the exam. Dr Laura Campbell (Year 2 trainee and FPM Trainees' Committee member) will then share her experience using the trainee e-portfolio and offer some helpful tips on how to navigate and use it.
09:30 – 09:55 Registration
10:00 – 10:05 Welcome and housekeeping
Dr Alastair Benbow, Chairperson, FPM Ethics and Practice Committee
10:05 – 10.45 A Hitchhiker’s  Guide to the ethical universe
Professor Alan Cribb, Professor of Bioethics and Education, King’s College London
10.45 – 11.25 Thinking about ethical issues
Philippa Foster Back CBE, Director of the Institue of Business Ethics
11:25 – 11:40 Tea and coffee break*
11.45 – 13:10

Workshops (first round)

Emerging issues in pharmaceutical medicine
Press reports about the 'unscrupulous' pharmaceutical industry raising prices suddenly on sick patients has raised questions about the ethics of pharmaceutical prices.

This workshop will provide attendees with the basics of the ethics surrounding pricing and reimbursement. It will also explore the impact of markets on contentious issues such as rationing, precision medicine, and the levers used to encourage companies to develop pharmaceuticals in therapeutic areas traditionally considered not profitable.
Facilitator: Dr Tony Lockett

Integrity and safety in drug development
Drug development requires careful ethical judgement. In this workshop we will use case studies to discuss seven essential principles that can help guide your thinking on R&D ethics. We will then have a closer look at risk-benefit analysis. Exploring this through worked examples, we will look at different ways of assessing risk. At the end of the session participants will have a structure to think about risk assessment and the broader ethics of drug development.
Facilitators: Dr Josh Brostoff and Dr Alastair Benbow

Morality and the Code: An approach to proactive decision-making
This workshop will consider the current promotional operating paradigm, based as it is around compliance with the ABPI Code of Practice, and propose ways business decision-making would benefit from a greater understanding and application of ethical principles.
Facilitator: Dr Nick Broughton

Standing your ground on professional values
The focus of this workshop is assertively communicating our position when an ethical conflict exists. Working with scenerios and role-play, delegates will apply a simple framework to identify conflicting values and apply Good Medical Practice to reach and communicate their position to others. Content will primarily centre around conflicts arising from commercial imperatives, professional medical values and patient wellbeing including safety considerations.
Facilitators: Dr Liz Clark and Richard Reid, Founder, Senior Executive Coach and Trainer, Pinnacle

13:15 – 14:15 Lunch*
14:20 – 15:45 Workshops (second round)
- Emerging issues in pharmaceutical medicine
- Integrity and safety in drug development
- Morality and the Code: An approach to proactive decision-making
- Standing your ground on professional values
15.45 – 16.00 Round-up and close
*Refreshments are provided throughout the day

Registration fees:

PMST rate*: £90
FPM members: £130
Non-members: £175

*Delegates eligible for this rate include individuals who are: 1) enrolled on to the PMST programme, 2) entered on the GMC’s list of recognised Educational Supervisors, 3) Specialty Advisers, 4) members of the Specialist Advisory Committee on Pharmaceutical Medicine; and the Postgraduate Dean for Pharmaceutical Medicine. 

 The closing date for bookings is Monday 4 June at 17:00.


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NCVO, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL

FPM Education Day

The FPM Education Day has been an annual fixture in the FPM events calendar since 2014. Last year's FPM Education Day, held on 15 June 2017, was the biggest to date, with a 50% increase in delegates booked to attend the event. Read the reports from last year's event in the Autumn 2017 FPM Newsletter.

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