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Data Protection

Privacy statement and Terms & Conditions

When you request a service from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (apply for membership, examinations or programmes, symposia/meetings, et al), the Faculty obtains information about you.  This statement explains how we look after that information and what we do with it.

We have a legal duty under the Data Protection Act to prevent your information falling into the wrong hands.  We must also ensure that the data we hold is accurate, adequate, relevant and not excessive.

Normally the only information we hold comes directly from you in the form of membership applications, examination and training forms and event registration.  Whenever we collect information from you, we will make it clear which information is required in order to provide you with the information or service you request.  You do not have to provide us with any additional information unless you choose to.  We store your information securely on our computer system, we restrict access to those who have a need to know, and we ensure that our staff are aware of the data protection policy and handle the information securely. Normally, the Faculty will not pass on members' personal data to any outside organisations or individuals, but at times details may be passed to a third party directly contracted by the Faculty to fulfil a specific Faculty administrative task on its behalf.  Any other sharing of information will only take place with your consent or we otherwise have a lawful basis to do so.

We sometimes would also like to contact you in future to tell you about other events or services we provide, and ways in which you might like to support the Faculty.  You have the right to ask us not to contact you in this way.  We will always aim to provide a clear method for you to opt out.  You can also contact us directly at any time to tell us not to send you any future marketing material.

You have the right to a copy of all the information we hold about you (apart from a very few things which we may be obliged to withhold because for example they concern other people as well as you).  To obtain a copy please write to the Data Protection Officer at the Faculty (Head of Operations).  We reserve the right to levy a charge of £10 for a copy of your data (as permitted by law).  We aim to reply as promptly as we can and, in any case, within the legal maximum of 40 days.


Currently, the Faculty website uses cookies (small text files that are sent from most websites and then automatically stored on your computer.  The cookie enables the system to recognise your computer when you return to the website).

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device by a website that you access. It will contain some anonymous information such as a unique identifier and the site name and some digits and numbers. It allows a website to remember things like your preferences or what's in your shopping basket on retail websites.

Cookies do lots of different things, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, storing your preferences, and generally improving your experience of a website. Cookies make the interaction between you and the website faster and easier. They allow a website to identify that you are a new visitor every time you move to a new page on the site - for example, when you enter your login details and move to another page it won't recognise you and it won't be able to keep you logged in.

Types of Cookie used by the Faculty

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are set by a another website For example, we use a third party analytics company who set their own cookie to perform this service.

Session cookies

Session Cookies are stored only temporarily during a browsing session and are deleted from the user's device when the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are saved on your computer for a fixed period (usually a year or longer) and are not deleted when the browser is closed. They are used where we need to know who you are for more than one browsing session. For example, we use this type of cookie to store your preferences, so that they are remembered for the next visit.

They are used on the main website, Revalidation e-Portfolio and CPD e-portfolio.

Why do we use cookies?

  • To provide personalised services to individual users, and to improve your user experience by enabling the website to 'remember' you, either for the duration of your visit (using a 'session cookie') or for repeat visits (using a 'persistent cookie').
  • To help us to monitor and improve the services we offer

Cookies used by Faculty website

Managing Cookies

For more information about cookies and managing them, please visit, which includes, information about how they can be disabled in most commonly used browsers. However you should be aware that disabling certain cookies may cause the website not to function properly

Terms and Conditions


Any member who is more than twelve months in arrears with payment of any annual subscription will be deemed to have let his/her membership lapse and shall be removed from the register. In order to reinstate membership a re-joining fee plus any outstanding unpaid subscriptions must be paid.

Members may cancel/resign their membership at any time by contacting the Faculty Office in writing (e-mail or post).  Following resigination or deletion Members and Fellows can no longer use the postnominals MFPM or FFPM.  If subscription fees have been paid, a request for a partial refund of fees can be made to the office in writing.


Your details will be recorded for the purposes of event administration and your name, organisation and job title may be printed on any name badges or delegate lists if necessary. The Faculty may send you information about future events and activities. If you would prefer not to receive such information, you will be given the option to do so or you can contact the Faculty. The details you have supplied for this event will never be sold or given to a third party.  Please refer to our Data Protection statement for further information.

Please note that refunds are not normally given after the closing date.  The Faculty reserves the right to change the venue and/or speakers if circumstances arise that require such changes.  In the event of cancellation a full refund of the price of tickets only will be given. There is no minimum age requirement for attendance at Faculty events.