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Expert Groups

Call for members

The FPM Policy & Communications Group (PCG) is looking to optimise and streamline the important process of how we respond to consultations and press releases. The FPM boasts a high level of expertise among its membership and it is extremely important that this knowledge is made available to the media, policy makers, and the public via these responses, in order to increase understanding of pharmaceutical medicine.

Historically, the FPM established Specialist Interest Networks (SINs) for a number of (>20) subspecialties of Pharmaceutical Medicine, each of which had a large number of members. Because the key areas of Pharmaceutical Medicine have changed over the years, and to make the process more efficient, the PCG have elected to alter the process by which the FPM responds to consultations and press release requests. The aim is to replace the previous SINs with a smaller number of newly formed, broader Expert Groups as below:

New Expert Groups
We hope to establish an up to date database of members who have expert knowledge within these key areas, and establish one lead/chairperson for each Expert Group who would facilitate and collate the responses from individual members of the groups. The chairs of each Expert Group would work closely with members of the PCG to finalise responses in a timely and efficient manner.

  1. Governmental and Healthcare Policy relevant to Pharmaceutical Medicine (incl. drug safety and regulatory)
  2. Orphan Disease/Gene Therapy/ Innovative technologies
  3. Clinical Development (processes/policy)
  4. Pharmaceutical development in Paediatrics and other vulnerable populations
  5. Important/Key therapeutic areas (for Pharmaceutical Medicine) Neurological disorders/ Neuropsychiatric/ HIV/ Vaccines/ cardiovascular)
  6. Oncology

Responsibilities of group members
It is difficult to precisely stipulate the time requirement for involvement in each group. It is likely that each group will be required to prepare comment on between 2-4 consultations per year and give comments on 1-2 press releases, though comment will not be expected from each member of the group on every occasion. The Expert Groups will not meet in person, but conference calls may be arranged occasionally to discuss submissions. Responses to consultations and press releases will represent the official FPM position on a wide range of important topics which will/may be made public through the media. Therefore, it is important that members who are interested in contributing are:

  • Comfortable that their level of expert knowledge is such that their input could be considered the official Faculty position (subject to review from the chairperson and PCG) and made available in the press
  • Committed to responding to requests for input from the PCG on a relatively frequent basis and in a timely manner, owing often to short deadlines.

Apply to join a group
If you are interested, we would be very grateful if you could send the following to by 9am on Tuesday, 19th June:

  1. Name and Job Title/affiliation
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Expert Group to which you would be willing to contribute (see list above)
  4. Sub-areas of expertise within that Expert group
  5. Whether you would consider chairing/leading the Expert Group

The PCG will first appoint the leads for each group, who will then approve each member, based on their CV. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact for more details.